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Pro Football Focus reports that madden 22 mut coins Smith has recorded 144 pressures in the past two seasons. It is fourth most in regular season. Smith also has 26 sacks which is in line with Aaron Donald for third most in the NFL since the start of 2019, as per StatMuse.

Each of the best edge rushers in the top 10 are worthy. There are so many outstanding pass rushers out there this year that it's difficult to make an accurate list of the top 10. Smith's inclusion is a tribute to his ability, but you can argue that his score should be higher than 90.

There isn't much more Smith can show the reasons he deserves to get an upper rating. Smith has been getting sacks since he signed with the Packers two-years back. Smith is able to handle pressure. He's a leader who's an outstanding player in key moments. Smith is a fantastic teammate and leader. But if there's one good feature about this, it's that Smith could use it to motivation. It's not bad at all.

If you're getting excited to get to play alongside new 49ers quarterback Trey Lance in the newest Madden version, you'll be able to find out where the number. 3 overall draft pick's score stands in comparison to his fellow rookie signal-callers. Lance will be able to score an overall rating of 74 for Madden NFL 22, the same mark as 11th overall selection Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears. Below, you will be able to see the positions Madden NFL 22's five first-round quarterbacks of 2022 will rank.

There doesn't appear to be are any surprises in this list. Lawrence and Wilson were selected ahead of Lance in the April draft. Fields was generally regarded as an top-five player prior to the draft, but was a bit off on draft night for reasons that are still unclear. Jones as the 15th overall selection, makes up the rest of buy Madden 22 coins the group.