Do you believe that players who have the same

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Evidence (RSOFQF13-14-745-602795455 Mod MG QA) It's likely that no one has yet been able think of this new skill. But that's likely because it's something that has not been attempted before. (About ThirdScape) I don't want to divulge it however because it's a lot of fun and nobody has ever done it before, so we're sort of keeping that one close to OSRS gold our chests. Specific assumptions based on known information which might not pertain to the new technique

The first is that Jagex's trademarks Never Ending and Infinite Dungeon (or Dungeon Master) are thought to be related to this new skill. Evidence: The first two trademarks were registered in March 2009 (source) prior to the announcement of ThirdScape's cancellation in May 2009. (source) prior to the announcement of the cancellation of ThirdScape in May 2009 (source). Mod Korpz was asked about the relationship between FunOrb and to these trademarks, and responded "Not to my knowledge. In truth I'm not sure the reason why they're trade marks."

My account being banned was a way for God to assist me in getting back into my life. Now i'm in college 3rd year, i have an enjoyable life. My Sundays are spent at the church, and my weekend are with my family. I wanted to blow up the headquarters of the game company, but voilence won't solve it. In addition, runescape isn't the only game eating people's lives.

This is an open discussion. I will first post the question, and then respond with my thoughts. To simplify things I'll use the term Pf2P for pure play for free. This is a player who has never been a member of RS.

Do you believe that players who have the same level of skill in less time than free players deserve more attention? (Note: this is for skills that both members and f2p's can access, to compare otherwise is a bit silly. Additionally, I do know that free players need to shell out 6 dollars for their skillscape. Pf2p refers to that a player has reached 99 level as an pf2p, but is required to pay 6 dollars for the skillcape. This is not someone who waits to be 90 to switch to a member to speed up his leveling.

You can't ignore the fact that there will always be people who attempt to minimize the achievements of others by using the terms "no-lifers" or "nerds". This is an interesting issue because it takes far longer and more effort to cheap RS gold accomplish the same thing than a member. Unless an unfair comparison is made.

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