After being ejected by EA Sports' Madden rating editors

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Jaylen Waddle Miami Dolphins rookie WR has the Madden nfl 22 coins highest rating in Madden 22.
Madden 22 will be released next month. EA also does the annual unveiling of player ratings. The rankings focus on the most prominent offensive rookies and have been released earlier today.

Like you would imagine, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence was rated a 78-overall. This is the highest-rated rookie quarterback in Madden's record.

Kyle Pitts, the Atlanta Falcons player-changing tight-end, was rated 81 overall.

The most pressing question being asked by everyone is how did Miami Dolphins rookie wide receiver Jaylen Waddle's performance in comparison to the best prospects of the draft. As you can see, he's the highest-rated wide receiver rookie in Madden 22 and is the third highest offensive rookie.

What's the significance of this? TBH there isn't much to it unless you are playing Madden.

It's an honor to see the team finally receiving some recognition. Particularly, considering that Jaylen Wiggle is a promising rookie , and there are some talented wide receivers in this group. If you play Madden using Jaylen Waddle's presence will appear as a video game really. It's possible that something will happen each time that Jaylen gets in touch with the ball. Jaylen Waddle is going to be aged gouda this year's football game and I'm excited to see what happens!

But again, unless you play Madden 22, this won't be a huge deal for you.This is why I decided to include this awesome video uploaded by our very good friends at Pro Football Network. Jaylen Waddle looks fast, and If my eyes aren't deceiving, he has NO noticeable limp.

What are your thoughts on Jaylen Waddle who is the highest-rated rookie wide receiver from Madden 22? Do you plan to buy the Madden 22 game for this season? Are you excited to watch Jaylen Waddle in action?

Madden 22 ranks Ravens' Mark Andrews as fourth-best tight end

After being ejected by EA Sports' Madden rating editors, Mark Andrews was justly granted a boost in the top five tight ends in this year's edition.

The Madden 22 ratings surfacing on Wednesday and Wednesday, the Ravens All-Pro tight end garnered the most prestigious rating in his career. He scored an overall score of 88. Only Travis Kelce (99), George Kittle (96), and Darren Waller (93) were given higher ratings.

Andrews' NFL rating is higher in each of his three NFL seasons. Andrews was a rookie at 75 years old from Oklahoma was rated the third highest rookie of Madden 19. The group of players included the fellow Ravens 2018 draftee Hayden Hurst. Andrews's score increased four points to a high of 79 after a great debut season. Andrews then went on to explode in 2019, scoring an NFL record of 10 touchdown receptions for a TE and cheap Madden 22 coins seven more positions to make him an 86.

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