How to build aluminium stage truss

How to build aluminium stage truss

The figure of aluminium stage truss can be seen on many stages. Because of its simple installation and strong practicability, it has been praised by many users. So, do you know the correct installation steps for aluminum stage truss? Next, we will introduce to you.

1: First, we must place the four corner bases, adjust the lower legs so that they are on the same level, and then insert the truss outside the four corner bases to support the bottom part.

2: Fix the reverse side of the screw on the base, remember not to rotate the screw in the wrong direction. It should be the same as the sign in the picture, and then link the beam on the ground, and connect both ends and both sides. , So that the beam part is assembled.

3: Lay the column truss flat and connect it, twist one end on the reverse head, and screw the other end on the cross arm, and then connect the hanging gourd to the cross arm. It is used to connect the cross beam truss below Ascend, you can ask a colleague for help after completing this step. Slowly erect the main column truss without too much force. Carefully push down the main column, and then fix the counter-head screws.

4: After erecting the column, the hanging gourd hooks the beam with the sling, and then slowly pulls the beam up to the head of the crowd, and then installs the lighting and audio equipment on the beam.

5: After the above steps are set up, we need to check whether their four bases are on the horizontal line. The diagonal brace extension rods should be fixed on one side, and then the other end and the column are tightened, and the light stand is set up. After that, there is a need to install safety diagonal braces on each column, which will be more solid.