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I also asked many players: Do you think War

I also asked many players: Do you think War

In late January of this year Jagex Publishing and a partner company, UltiZen have launched one of their latest games, War of Legends. It is a RuneScape gold real time strategy game with excellent graphics and interesting gameplay involving cities, alliances, battles, exploration, etc! However, how did Jagex fans respond to the game?

Let's examine the opinions of two players. Yes. When new players join, they have seven days in which to build their city. If they don't make themselves more active and work their way into strong alliances, they quickly fall prey to more experienced and stronger players.

"Just as other similar games, it's a chore to play and keep up-to-date every single thing. The game is slow to progress and there's nothing to actually do with the information you collect." This is a typical issue in the game. Be sure to keep up with your neighbors by regularly checking the game to upgrade your city, army, defense, etc. If you let it go for too long, you are wasting time, and your city is mostly inactive, waiting for attack.

I'll just let my good friend Max explain it better: "The actual gameplay is made for gamers who are ferocious since you must log in throughout the day. This doesn't mean that you have to be present all day long. But, it's necessary to have access to the game at least one hour per day in order to keep pace with your fellow competitive gamers. It's like the best scores belong to players who pay and play all day.

I also asked many players: Do you think War of Legends will succeed over the long run? The responses from all of them differed, but all shared the same basic idea. War of Legends is nothing unique, as there are numerous games just like it online and already well established. Is that a guarantee that it won't be a failure? "Evony. Civilization. The Sims. and other similar games are very successful so this should be too."

This is one way to look at it! There are enough players! What about a different perspective? "No it won't be successful. There's nothing to distinguish this game from similar games. It is very simplistic in its combat system, employing the "scissorpaper-rock" system that is difficult to design.

Jagex stunned everyone with their backing for "JCredits" shortly after War of Legends was released. It is a way to pay real money in order to get an advantage in the game. To some players, this appears to be completely contrary to buy RS gold their usual policy regarding what they refer to as "real world trading". In-game items for real world money. Jagex apparently likes the idea so long as they can get the money.