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Which Kohler Toilets are the Best?

Which Kohler Toilets are the Best?


Kohler is a renowned brand in Plumbing Products and provides the best in class quality for its customers. Established in India back in 2006, it has earned a reputation among its competitors to be a strong rival in terms of price and quality. Deciding on brands for Toilets might not seem such an important thing to do, but they can be crucial if you want them to last for a long term. 


Kohler has the best plumbing products that can last a lifetime and is preferred by many brands worldwide. However, deciding on toilets can be a confusing task as specific types are made to particular preferences. 


They are usually designed based on seat comfort, tank refilling time, flush power, and water usage. In short, the customer has to look for the toilets according to their preferences and bathroom size. People often get confused by the variety and prices, so they end up choosing the wrong one and face problems later. 


Kohler has noticed this issue among the masses and streamlined its products so that people can choose what suits best for them with ease. Given below are some options that can provide good insight to the customers for choosing the right toilet for their homes. 

1. Santa Rosa

The ‘Santa Rosa’ is the best Kohler toilet in India. It is a combination of all requirements and is designed specifically to meet the needs of a majority of people. It is elegant, compact, and relatively easier to maintain due to its high-quality porcelain ceramic. 


The previous version of Santa Rosa used a 13.2-liter tank, but after the update, Kohler offers the same toilet with a new 4.8-liter tank which provides an improved flushing technology using less water. It saves approximately 62000 liters of water every year. Kohler Santa Rosa reviews make it the best toilet in terms of customer satisfaction and quality. 


Bathrooms, in general, are small in size that makes space-saving a primary factor. The Santa Rosa has a class-leading one-piece design that offers a comfortable seating position while maintaining its compact design. It is mainly designed for the masses who prefer compact designs but don’t want to compromise on comfort. 


2. Cimarron

The ‘Cimarron’ is also a famous option among adult and aged customers. It offers a comfortable seat height that makes standing and sitting easier for aged people and an elongated bowl for added comfort. 


Many people recommend it as it has a slow close seat and strong 360-degree flushing system. In addition, it uses a 48-liter flush tank that comes under the EPA flushing guidelines and saves 20% water compared to other 60 liter toilets. Combining the latest flushing technology with added comfort, the Cimarron is considered a good choice for adult customers. 

3. Wellworth

Kohler's 'Wellworth' offered is one of the industry's most simple and elegantly designed toilets. It is compact, has the same 4.8L flushing technology as the Santa Rosa, and has a two-piece design, which means no exposed nuts and no possibility of leaks. They blend very well with the interior and offer a stylish look to your bathroom. Many young customers prefer them as it is made of polished porcelain ceramic with chrome-finished trip levers. 


People sometimes finish their Bathroom interiors without deciding the design of their toilet, which creates confusion as they would not match the other interiors. Many interior designers prefer the Wellworth because it goes in line with the other Wellworth bathroom collection, thus unifying the look of your bathroom. 

4. Tresham

Kohler's Tresham takes simplicity to another level as it is a one-piece design made to integrate with your bathroom interiors seamlessly. The one-piece design makes it easier to maintain and has a lot of advantages over conventional approaches. Like the Wellworth collection, Tresham also offers a collection that goes well with the toilet. 


It has the best inline 4.8L flushing technology and suitable seat height for a comfortable sitting position. It elegantly combines comfort and design and is the best choice for adults. The Tresham toilet is designed to make it long-lasting and relatively easier to maintain. 

5. Memoirs Stately

The Memoirs Stately uses a three-bolt design that is easy to install and can be reinstalled without any damages. People who shift their homes every few years might not consider buying a new toilet every time. Other toilets are not moving friendly as there could be breakages and it could end up damaging it. This does not occur with this particular range of bathrooms. 


Moreover, it combines an elegant design with a new Single Flush Gravity system with the same flushing power using less water. Furthermore, it offers a comfortable height with an elongated bowl for extra comfort. Memoirs has its own integrated collection that matches with its toilet for a unified look in the bathroom.