One of the better perks of next-gen NBA 2K21

One of the better perks of next-gen NBA 2K21

One of the better perks of next-gen NBA 2K21 was having MyTeam cross-progression between families of consoles. The next-gen version of NBA 2K21 launched in November, two months after the old-gen release. Because of the staggered releases, it made sense to allow 2K players to port over two months of MyTeam progress over to the next-generation, and in turn, allow users to bounce back and forth between the two versions.

But will this feature return for NBA 2K22? Both old and next-gen versions will go live simultaneously in September, so it’s fair to wonder whether MyTeam for the Xbox and PlayStation versions will be separate or combined. Luckily, we already have an answer.

After Take-Two officially confirmed NBA 2K22 on July 14, the video game publisher stated a few answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the game. In the FAQs, the development team of NBA 2K22 answered a question regarding cross-progression in MyTeam and whether it would be added into NBA 2k22 mt coins

The developers stated that there will be cross-progression among consoles, so long as progress is transferred between the same family of consoles. For example, PlayStation 4 MyTeam progress can be moved to the PS5.

Since next-gen consoles are not readily available as of this writing, it makes sense to incorporate this feature into the game. That way, players who don’t have a PS5 or Xbox Series X yet can purchase either the special NBA 75th Anniversary Edition or cross-gen bundle, have access to both editions, and be able to transfer progress in the near future.
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