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How to Use uTorrent With McAfee?

How to Use uTorrent With McAfee?
 This is on the grounds that McAfee closes off all ports that it doesn't perceive or that have not been recently approved. Ports are the way that traffic enters and leaves a switch on the web. In the event that you need to empower McAfee to work with uTorrent, you need to physically concede the program consent from inside McAfee. Get support for McAfee by Expert
Stage 1
Snap "Start," at that point "Projects," and afterward "McAfee Internet Security."
Stage 2
Snap "Web and Network," and afterward "Arrange."
Stage 3
Snap "Progressed" and afterward "Program Permissions."
Stage 4
Look down to "uTorrent." Click "Activity" and afterward select "Permit Access."
Stage 5
Snap "Alright."