Elliott Brothers III is the third generation of the Elliott family of musicians (builders merchant)

Elliott Brothers III is the third generation of the Elliott family of musicians (builders merchant)

The Elliotts are a musical family that performs all over the world. "Elliott Brothers," "Elliott Brothers II," and "ccElliott Brothers III" are some of their other names (builders merchant)

Elliott Brothers, situated in Southampton, England, is a building supply retailer. In 1908, the firm was established. According to the corporate website, the company was founded in Northam and has offices on Millbank Street. It also has a network of locations throughout Hampshire and Dorset. Aside from that, it has an online tool shop that caters to people all across the UK. Elliott Brothers and Elliotts Premier Roofing are both subsidiaries of Elliott Brothers Limited, a construction merchant in Sussex.

The company began to grow and prosper in October 1840, when Thomas Elliott, then 26 years old, took over the Southampton firm of Robert Young, who had died earlier that year. Young's enterprise was based in Godfrey's Town, which is about 0.5 km south-west of the current company headquarters, on the banks of the River Itchen.

In just five years, Thomas had bought a local cement mill and expanded his product line to include cement, lime, bricks, chimneypieye6dzzces, and a variety of other things, in addition to his original offerings. Following Thomas' death in 1886, the firm continued to grow slowly for the next 40 years until it died out. Affordable Vitrified Paving He and his brother John were actively involved in the construction and maintenance of various churches in the Southampton and Sussex districts between 1891 and 1891, till his death in 1891.

Thomas ceded corporate control to two of his sons, Frank and Walter, shortly before his death, and it was they who gave the company its initial name, Elliott Brothers. They revitalised the business, and by 1893, it was known as "General Builders Merchants" (general builders merchants). When Elliott Brothers Ltd was founded in 1901, company was known as Elliott Brothers Ltd. Between 1890 and 1920, the population of Southampton more than doubled, and by the late 1930s, the firm's annual revenues were consistently in excess of £50,000.

Sales had recovered and were on the rise again by 1956, when Elliotts' first branch opened in Bishop's Waltham. Revenue more than doubled between 1960 and 1973, peaking at £5 million in 1980. In 1982, a new branch opened in Fareham. As a result of the company's continued expansion, the company has 13 locations across Hampshire and Dorset by 2015, including the Millbank headquarters.

Thomas Christopher Elliott, who was born in Lewes, Sussex in 1814, was one of their six children. John Elliott and Maria Strong, née Strong, had six children and lived in Lewes, Sussex. At 49 High Street in Lewes, where he and his wife lived, John senior worked as a grocer and wine merchant. According to family tradition, the Sussex Discounted Gravels online Elliott line can be traced back to a Thomas Elliott who died in 1551 in Bury, a little town north of Arundel. The family had lived in that part of west Sussex for decades prior to John senior's move to Lewes in the first decade of the nineteenth century.

Thomas Elliott and John Elliott Jr., two of John and Maria Elliott's sons, were early workers of the firm. On the other hand, they were not the brothers mentioned in the firm's current name. Frank and Walter, Thomas's sons, were among the people entrusted with the company's management.