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The starting point is the seer's village court house

The starting point is the seer's village court house

It was an idea I had attempted to share on RS gold the official forums of rs. But, since no one responded I decided to try posting the idea on sals. To start off with, my idea is:Zombie wars.

It's a minigame for runescape that allows you to travel into another world. Everything is normal except for a few things: everything is deserted and dark, there's a mist hanging around, all the villages are down, and there are zombies all over the place.

The idea is that the evil forces have forced guthix and saradomin(and any other gods that don't approve of zombies everywhere) out of the game which is why zamorak and the gods of the dark have been in control, filling the world with skeletons and zombies and numerous other evil monsters. You can't attack other players in this minigame, only enemies. To allow teams to work together, there is multi-combat everywhere.

Every game has at least 40 players. Each player is transported to either varrock or lumbridge and then to the city. They all have to defend their home until they've been able to defeat all the zombies. they'll all appear in waves, each getting harder, the last wave is wave 5. once they have beat wave 5, they'll be transported by the spirits of dead warriors who perished fighting zombies to falador, where they'll meet with teams from the other cities. The first thing they must accomplish is to defeat the "hive" which is a massive, egg-like, gooey, egg-shaped shape that spews horrible guns at players. After that the boss zombie will emerge from it. It starts at level 400 and rises by 20 levels per player that remains on the field.

When you've finished beating the zombie boss, you get corruption points, which can be used to buy the rewards for the minigame. Here are some ideas to earn rewards: The rod of darkness, a mystical staff that drains three quarters of your health and deals poison and 25 damages to anyone within 5 aquares of your (note:this only is effective if you are in full health).

The Rod of Light, A magic staff that binds an opponent for five seconds and takes one-tenth of their energy every second. Then, it is added to your hitpoints. It's too complex, therefore I won't continue. please leave some comments or constructive criticism. Also, suggestions on how to improve the idea, tell me what parts of the idea have to be tweaked or removed all together. And if you like the idea of this, please consider supporting! We are grateful that you took the time to read this.

The investigation of Detective. Your job is to help prove your client not guilty of what they're accused of. You could be accused of burglary, theft fraud, theft, or murder. It is essential to collect the evidence and show that they aren't guilty in the courtroom within half an hour.

The starting point is the seer's village court house. Contact the person in jail. The requirements are king's ransom and wanted, To get started talk to one of the accused behind in jail. They will inform you that they need to speak with a lawyer. If you accept to be an attorney, they will inform them what they are accused of and cheap RuneScape gold where. Ask one of the guards to take you to the location where the crime took place. You'll need to collect evidence, from a cracked window to the smallest fingerprint.