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SOSE, or the Studies of Society and Environment, is designed to enable students to develop an understanding of the world in which they live, and to help them become informed, active and responsible citizens locally, nationally and globally. Students who study SOSE are expected to become knowledgeable about and understand their personal, work and social worlds; be able to make decisions and be good problem solvers of personal, local, national and global significance and be effective citizens both now and in the future.


Tutoring in SOSE

In order to do this, students may have to investigate an issue and develop an action plan which implements a solution, research historic events in order to better understand the world today, increase their social capital and interdependence by working with others within their school and community, critically examine stereotypes and the sources from which these stereotypes originate, understand systems, and be able to think critically to discuss issues which affect society.

There are four (4) main areas of SOSE: Time, Continuity and Change, Place and Space, Culture and Identify, and Political and Economic Systems. According to homework finder within these 4 areas, SOSE students undertake studies across a range of disciplines which include history, geography (both natural, political and social), civics and citizenship, law, sociology, anthropology, gender, ethics and psychology. Within these many disciplines there are particular areas of study, although some of these, such as the histories and economics, are not studied as independent subjects until Years 11 and 12. These include: Indigenous, Multicultural, Environmental, Cultural, Economics, Modern History, and Ancient History

As in all key learning areas, comprehension is a major component of being a good SOSE student, as is the ability to accurately research and synthesise relevant information for assignments and, whilst it may seem daunting, it is not difficult to achieve. Contact Tutoring in Brisbane if your student is struggling with the concepts they are studying in SOSE, or are having difficulty with researching topics for SOSE. With one-on-one tuition these skills can be taught and mastered, and can be transferred for use in other subject areas as well as being important lifelong tools.

During a tutoring session, your student will:

be encouraged to ask questions and discuss issues associated with the topic;
learn to ask crucial questions -
Who wrote the information?
When was it written?
What is it saying?
What might be other views?

Who does the information benefit?

learn how to develop an assignment plan;
learn how to locate relevant information for assignments;
learn how to accurately and objectively make notes when researching;
be guided to use a wide variety of sources of information, and encouraged to be critical of each source;
be prompted to think about how natural, social, political and legal systems work, by asking questions which are open, rather than closed;
be encouraged to draw on their natural curiosity to know more about their world;
be given acknowledgement that they already have an enormous amount of understanding about the world in which they live, and to use this knowledge to build a more in-depth understanding;

Teaching for learning is a complex process and there are many concepts covered in the classroom. Students need to see the purpose and meaning in their SOSE studies and this is where personal tutoring can help. One-on-one tutoring of a SOSE subject with Tutoring in Brisbane can provide your student with individual assistance in understanding these concepts.