Can You Walk After Prolotherapy?

Can You Walk After Prolotherapy?

There is a small amount of discomfort that you can expect after Prolotherapy Austin. This pain is not significant and will disappear after a few days. However, it's important to avoid doing anything that hurts, like running or jumping. You may feel sore and have a hard time walking for a few days. This is perfectly normal. You can continue with your normal activities once you have recovered.

After the procedure, you should feel a little sore. You should not do any heavy exercise. You can do light exercises. You can take a long walk, but you should be aware that you might feel stiff. You should also avoid driving if you're diabetic. A driver can be helpful, but you should not do heavy exercise after Prolotherapy. Regardless of the type of exercise, it's important to monitor your blood sugar closely.

After the Prolotherapy treatment, you can walk around after 24 hours. It's not uncommon to feel sore for a couple of weeks after the procedure. The healing process will be slower than after surgery, so make sure you're hydrated after the treatment. You might even feel nauseated after your treatment, but you'll feel fine in a few days. You'll be surprised how quickly the inflammation will go away.

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