How to distinguish the quality of Aluminium Lighting Truss

How to distinguish the quality of Aluminium Lighting Truss

First, two strips are observed to see if the nodes of the two strips are on both non-commission nodes and have no load. If the above two points are met, the two subts are zero.

Second, determine if the node of the two strokes is not a common line.

Third, for the three stroke, if a three stroke node is loaded on a stroke, the two strokes are on a straight line, the third stroke is zero.

Fourth, relative symmetrical Aluminium Lighting Truss, if it is higher than the symmetrical load, and there is no load on the K-shaped axis, indicating that the diagonal of the node is zero.

The zero rod in Aluminium Lighting Truss refers to the rods of the axial force under a certain load. Determining zero steel bars is the first step in Aluminium Lighting Truss, which will make subsequent analysis and calculation more smooth. The zero line judgment method usually has some special shapes of nodes in the aluminum truss, and masters the balance of these nodes, which can quickly determine the zero line, which gives great convenience.