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Moncler Jackets thought

Moncler Jackets thought


It feels like there could be something in that blackness. I like that simple expression, the simplicity of black - and - white brings a lot of expression to a photograph. I've never Moncler Jackets thought of black - and - white as vintage or old - school.

If his first www.monclersoutlets.com season of puffy spike jackets for Moncler edged into the performative, this one is purely practical. Practical in the JW Anderson world doesn't mean warm coats and roomy knits - though this collection has beautiful examples of both. It means clothing that addresses your state of mind as much as it dresses your physical form.

While we haven't seen too many people outside, there were a few fashionable faces out and about (safely, we hope!). In the French alps, model Ophelie Guillermand posted on top of a snow - covered mountain while skiing in a beaming red Moncler jacket. In New York, man - about - town Kerwin Frost gave us his best stoop pose in a graphic jacket and a pair of larger - than - life swishy pants. His hat was sprouting with flopping blue cones. Also braving the frost in New York was model Irina Shayk. The Russian model, who hails from Siberia and has no doubt seen some torrential snow in her lifetime, chicly dressed for New York's snowfall in a crisp white puffer and chic white snow boots. We should all take a lesson from her in the upcoming months!

As you are undoubtedly aware, on Monday night Drake dropped the "Hotline Bling" video and people freaked the fuck out. The clip of Drizzy busting out all your middle school dance moves in a variety of illuminated rooms caused a fucking torrential downpour of GIFs. It's safe to say that "Hotline Bling" will surely sustain us until the next great meme - able moment comes along, most likely from Drake again as he is clearly the king of the Internet. But as Drake did some vibing and danced like no one was watching, everyone saw his bright red Moncler puffer and, as a result, the piece blew the fuck up, according to Vanity Fair.