How Can I Connect Amazon Prime with My Mac at

How Can I Connect Amazon Prime with My Mac at

Before you can begin the activation process before you begin the activation process, you should check whether or not your phone is compatible to be enrolled at For this, you do not need to do a hard process, you just need go to Amazon's App Store or Channel Store of your device. Then, look in the search bar for Amazon Prime Video. If you locate that you have found the Amazon Prime app or video channel, continue by following the steps, otherwise there's no need to continue. Take a look at the steps on this page to turn off Amazon Prime video on your device.


How to Register Device on


Switch on the device and make sure that it's hooked up to Internet.


Visit the app or store and search for amazon prime video.


Once you've found Amazon Prime Video, add it as a channel or add it to the device.


After the installation is completed After that, you can launch the application and sign in to Your Amazon Prime Video account. If you're new to amazon prime video then click "create an account".


After login, a new screen will pop up with the device's verification or activation code. This code is unique, it means for different devices you need different codes.


Utilize an internet-connected device like a mobile or computer and open through a web browser.


Log into your Amazon accounts here. You can also create an account if you're new.


After logging in, you will be asked to enter the activation code. Enter the activation number of the device and click"Check my device" or click the "Check my device" button.

How do I sign-up on Roku?


Then go to the Roku Channel Store, Download and Install Prime Video on your Roku TV.


It is also possible to use your Roku device's search bar to install channels.


 Get started with Amazon Prime Video on your TV. Choose "Connect" from the channel's home menu on the screen.


Log in to your Roku by using your Amazon login details


You can also go to Amazon to sign up on your Roku TV.


Join Amazon Prime Video using your Roku code


After you've entered your code After that, your device is ready to play Amazon Prime videos.  

Amazon My TV Activation Code


Go to the App Store on Smart TV


Log into the account of your Amazon accounts at amazon prime and sign in using valid credentials


The screen displays the Amazon registration code.


As per Amazon, this 6 digits recognizes the activation number of my TV


Amazon Code Looks Like This - RFTGYH


Just write the code on the blank paper


In the wizard or activation window, if prompts are displayed.

FAQs :-

Where do I enter the Amazon MYTV Code?


You are able to use to enter the Amazon TV code at Enter the code. The entry code for mytv is a first-class video activation code. This code of six digits will be handed to you at the time you sign-up your device at


In what way can I link a brand new gadget in my Amazon account?


Use the Amazon app to log into your account. Select Add Device to sign up for the new device. Smart TVs and other gadgets may require you to sign into a separate device via a browser. You will need to enter a registration code to pair the devices.


How do I get my smart television on Amazon Prime?


Start The Amazon Prime Video app or download it from the app store on your device in the living room. Sign in to your device using "Sign in and view" to enter your account information right on the device, or click "Enter code at" for a 5-6 digit number that you can use to sign in your account .

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