Work in Bali in Indonesia

Work in Bali in Indonesia

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One of the obvious ways to move to live in Indonesia is to find a job in Bali and obtain an appropriate visa. However, despite their great popularity, Bali and other islands in Indonesia hardly boast excellent economic performance. Government figures show that 8% of the local population is unemployed, with 10% of them having a good education and professional experience.

Obviously, it is more profitable for local authorities to hire Indonesians than visiting expats. Nevertheless, there are areas where you simply cannot do without foreigners:

Tourism and sports recreation;
- Electronics;
- Automotive industry;
- Chemical production;
- Medicine;
- Education.
According to Indonesian law, foreign workers must be experts in their field. In practice, this means that each applicant is required to have a higher education and at least 5 years of work in their professional field.
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Therefore, for those who do not have such experience, it is better to focus on finding a remote job.
Work in Bali for foreigners is mainly focused on tourism and business. There are many different schools on the island for surfing, yoga and other outdoor activities.

However, proficiency in additional languages is required. Ideally, of course, Indonesian is great, but learning it from scratch in a short time is difficult. Therefore, you will have to communicate with employers in English.

In general, work in Bali is ideal for those who are tired of the cold winter and noisy cities. As for Jakarta, there are more offices of large companies, however, the mood can be darkened by traffic jams and dirty streets.

Work permits
Despite the fact that illegal work is prohibited on the territory of Indonesia, many tourists work part-time here as nannies, tutors or tour guides.
Illegal side jobs are only good on a small scale. If you start a serious permanent activity, you should definitely take care of a work visa.

A well-deserved pension in Bali
As you know, the islands of Indonesia are a paradise not only for professionals and freelancers, but also for retirees who want a calm and measured rest away from the hustle and bustle. If you are over 55, you can live in Bali without any visa problems.

To do this, you need to issue another type of KITAS - pension. In addition to the already well-known photographs on a red background, insurance and copies of a passport, for a retirement visa you will need:

Certificate of marriage;
- Form of the completed application form;
- Bank statement for the last six months. The optimal amount is considered to correspond to USD 100 for each day. That is, over the past six months, about $ 20,000 should be credited to the card;
- An agreement on the lease of a house or apartment in Indonesia. The term of the contract must be valid for at least one year.


It is important to take into account that the name "retirement visa" is rather arbitrary. It is absolutely unnecessary to really be a retired person, and even more so to present any certificates from the Russian pension fund. The main criteria for obtaining a retirement visa are the appropriate age and financial security.